Love your bacteria.
We do.

  • Effective

    Alternative to existing medication 
and as safe as skin care

  • Zero side effects

    Even for the most sensitive skin types

  • Visible improvement

    A balanced microbiome and visible 
improvement in no time

  • Live bacteria

    World’s only skin care products
 with live bacteria

  • Microbiome safe

    Patented formulations with 100% 
microbiome safe ingredients

Goodbye skin problems,
Hello healthy biome

After 10 years of university research, the amazing power of millions of live bacteria is within your reach.

  • cutting edge skincare

    After more than 10 years of research with the University of Antwerp, YUN made it possible to add live bacteria to skincare products. The battle against antibiotic resistance has begun! In collaboration with BBC Storyworks, we show an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the wonderful world of YUN.
    About Yun

curious what our customers say?

“I am super satisfied with it, finally a cream without side effects! I am a fan!"


“Extremely satisfied with YUN! After 2.5 weeks of use and my skin is almost completely smooth.”


“Unfortunately, YUN didn't exist when I was younger! Really worth the money.”


"Significantly less acne and my skin looks healthier. Highly recommended!"


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